We Treat You Like Family

We Treat Your Car Like Our Own

We’ve been repairing Nanuet vehicles since 1992, and enjoy every minute of it. What started as a 2-bay shop grew into a 3-bay shop, and eventually a 6-bay shop, which it is today. G&A Automotive’s growth can be attributed to the friendly and professional service all our customers receive from us. Gary’s passion is automotive repairs, and he enjoys setting you back on course. G&A Automotive is a pit stop where Nanuet vehicles can stop in and receive necessary repairs and maintenance, and quickly return to their daily routines. We don’t want to keep you long. We just want to do it right. Our customers find that we rank highly in both efficiency and effectiveness among repair shops.

In any type of business, you quickly realize that it’s all about maintaining relationships. That’s why we place such a high premium on relationships with our customers over anything else. As we both take the necessary precautions to keep your vehicle in the best condition, we will initiate open lines of communication regarding your vehicle. We both want the same thing, and our goal is to see that you get it at a price that you can afford. What also helps maintain our relationships with customers is our honesty, professionalism, and punctuality. Our customers appreciate the level of respect, with which we treat them and their vehicle. We’ve received an Angie’s List Super Service Award.

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